Jay & Kristine Doshi(non-registered)
We miss you. When are coming up to Fort Worth?
Judith Commins(non-registered)
I just Loved your web page. I dabble in animal photography myself and wanted to share something with you that may interest you. I live in Columbus/Ft. Benning, GA. There our local shelter and city pound requested on Craigslist for photographers professional or not to volunteer and take photographs of the pets in their facility to be posted on their websites for adoption. Getting good photographs of a pet needing a home can make a large difference. I don't know if any shelters do this in San Antonio but, helping these shelters get better poses has helped the adoption rate increase and helps in getting some off the Kill list. At the same time you can market your talent to a larger audience through your contribution to the community. Thought I'd share that with you if your interested in something like that.
Rhonda Templin(non-registered)
Beautiful photos - love the expressions on the dogs' faces - you've captured their personalties!
Bob Deeds(non-registered)
Great Pics, Christy.
LOVE THIS PICS!!! Can't wait until out Session on Feb 5th!!
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